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This house also should have a good influence.

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There should not be any negative planets or good planets in negative mode. Even if there are no planets, that is not a bad thing. Now, there are 12 signs in astrology. The sign which rules the 7th house normally represents your spouse. The planet which rules the 7th house will have a lot to say about your spouse.

Your 7th division for the spouse is ruled by Libra, ruled by Venus. So, Venus will be the indicator for your spouse. The 7th house from Taurus is Scorpio is ruled by Mars.

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So, Mars will be the indicator of your spouse. The 7th house from Gemini is ruled by Sagittarius. It is ruled by Jupiter. So, Jupiter is the planet ruling your spouse. The 7th house from Cancer is ruled by Capricorn. It is ruled by Saturn. So, Saturn rules your spouse. The 7th house from Virgo is ruled by Pisces.

Jupiter rules Pisces and it is the indicator for the spouse. The 7th house from Scorpio is Taurus and it is ruled by Venus. Venus will be the indicator for your spouse.


Sagittarius is a fire sign and Gemini rules the 7th house. Mercury is the planet which rules your spouse.

The 7th house is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the most royal planet and that is a planet with dominating nature. This is the planet for communication, speech, analysis, and intelligence. If the planet indicating your spouse is in the 1st house that means you may know them already at least sometime before the marriage.

They may be the first priority in your life. People will see them as your identity. Are you thinking about your marriage?

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