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If you are interested in palm reading service then you should consult a reliable and best palm reader. Palm reader should be an experienced and expert professional. You can find one of the best and reliable palm readers by getting some referrals from your friends or colleagues. Since they have already consulted this palm reader before you, their suggestion is definitely worthwhile and you can sign up with this reader without having any doubts.

Another way by which you can get information about a reliable reader is by doing some research yourself. You can browse through websites of several palmists. Then, shortlist few of them and finally decide who is the best one and sign up with him for catering to your needs. Palmistry lines reading acts as a tool and will be useful for the purpose of improving yourself. The palm lines are related to luck, general health, mentality and relationships. The lines of two palms are different and help to provide you information about your past and future. You must be curious to know about how the lines are analyzed in order to provide you information about your future.

Well, these lines are analyzed according to their length and thickness. Your palm reader will also take into consideration the origin and the ending points of these lines when providing you with a palm reading session. It is worthwhile to know that palm lines are considered to be an important tool for a palmist.

These lines are sufficient for a palm reader to provide an analysis about your past, present and future. The 3 most important palm lines are — heart line, life line and headline. There are other lines on your palm and these include the fame line, the girdle of Venus and the marriage line. So, what are you still waiting for? Consult the best palm reader and get a sneak peak about your past, present and future right away.

Primary Girl School, Nr. If you want to enhance your knowledge about palmistry then carry on reading further.

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It reflects physical health, general well-being, and major life changes for example, cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and relocation. Its length is not associated with length of life. The basic interpretations are as follows: Runs close to thumb - often tired. Study the fate line. This is also known as the line of destiny, and it indicates the degree to which a person's life is affected by external circumstances beyond their control.

It begins at the base of the palm. The basic interpretations are as follows: Deep line - strongly controlled by fate. Determine the hand shape. Each hand shape is associated with certain character traits. The length of the palm is measured from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers.

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The basic interpretations are as follows: Earth - broad, square palms and fingers, thick or coarse skin, and ruddy color; length of the palm equals length of fingers Solid values and energy, sometimes stubborn Practical and responsible, sometimes materialistic Work with their hands, comfortable with the tangible Air - square or rectangular palms with long fingers and sometimes protruding knuckles, low-set thumbs, and dry skin; length of the palm less than length of fingers Sociable, talkative and witty Can be shallow, spiteful and cold Comfortable with the mental and the intangible Does things in different and radical ways Water - long, sometimes oval-shaped palm, with long, flexible, conical fingers; length of the palm equals the length of fingers but is less than the width across the widest part of the palm.

Creative, perceptive and sympathetic Can be moody, emotional and inhibited Introverts Do things quietly and intuitively. Fire - square or rectangular palm, flushed or pink skin, and shorter fingers; length of the palm is greater than length of fingers Spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic Sometimes egoistic, impulsive and insensitive Extroverts Do things boldly and instinctively. Look at the mounts. That's what the fleshy bit below your fingers are called, on the opposite side of your knuckle. To make them visible, cup your hand just a bit. Which one is the largest?

A high Venus mount the one under your thumb indicates a predisposition for hedonism, promiscuity, and the need for instant gratification.

A non-existent Venus mount indicates little interest in family matters. The mount under your index finger is called the Jupiter mount. If this is well-developed, it means you are dominant, possibly self-centered, and aggressive. A lack of one means you lack confidence. Under your middle finger is the Saturn mount. A high mount shows you're stubborn, cynical, and prone to depression.

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If it is low, it's an indicator of superficiality and disorganization. The Sun mount is under your ring finger. You're quick-tempered, extravagant, and prideful if you have a high Sun mount. A low Sun mount means you lack imagination. The Mercury mount is under your pinkie. If it's protruding, you talk too much.

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A low mount means the opposite -- you're shy. None of this is based on science. And your hands are known to change throughout time. Don't take any of it too seriously! Examine the hand and finger size. Relative to the size of the body, some say that small hands are active and don't dwell on thinking about what to do.

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Large hands are on those who are contemplative and slow to action. If you're 8 feet 2. It's all proportional. What's more, long fingers may be an indicator of anxiety, in addition to being well-mannered, good-looking, and delicate.

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  • Short fingers are found on those who are impatient, highly-sexed, and creative. Long fingernails, on the other hand, mean you're kind and a good secret-keeper. Short fingernails mean you're critical and sarcastic. If they're almond-shaped, you're sweet and diplomatic. It means you will shape your own future. Your fate is not predetermined. Yes No. Not Helpful 77 Helpful Yes, of course the lines in your hand change with time. For example, the length of life line of your hand indicates how healthy you are, and your health can definitely change over time depending on your age, level of activity, etc.

    Not Helpful 11 Helpful The term means that whenever a situation occurs which involves you and someone you love, you will always put yourself ahead of the other person. You want to receive a lot of love, but you don't necessarily want to give love. Not Helpful Helpful It means that many of the things that happen in your life are out of your control. Bigger forces than your own will are at work. Not Helpful 38 Helpful Having inconsistent thoughts means applying different principles or values at different times, resulting in ideas or conclusions that are not congruent with your values, or thoughts that are not congruent with each other.

    They contradict each other. Most people can match most of the lines described here, but it's common to be missing one, or to have a network of lines that doesn't match perfectly. There are many different interpretations for what this means.

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    Don't fall into the trap of trying to convince yourself that your palm matches what the palm reader says, if it's clearly different than this diagram. There is no scientific evidence for palmistry.

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    • It has its roots in many traditions found across Asia and the Middle East, as well as later resurgences in Europe. Find your child line.

      Venus enters Scorpio

      Make a fist with your right hand. Look on the outer side of your hand, near the pinky. The number of lines you have will be the number of children you produce the line connecting the finger to the hand does not count as a child line.