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Leo will show Capricorn the value of free time, while Capricorn can prove to Leo the value of hard work and tradition. The Lion can show Capricorn the value of the passage of good weather. Leo is a Sign of Fire , hence they are react with fierce force, and sometimes with furry. But the percentage of success remain low.

Whereas with Capricorn the signs of Earth things are different. They need to study before reacting. This may take time but the Earth Sign values patience and time is on their side. Leo wants creative freedom, while Capricorn wants security and stability. The combination of the both will result in a good friendship.

Both love comfort and luxury in their life. Therefore, both seem not afraid to work hard to complete their goals.

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Leo is like an explosive compared to Capricorn who is more classic and simple. Both Leo and Capricorn are very determined. Leo and Capricorn love possession and social status. Leo tends to be more flamboyant while Capricorn has a more classic and simplistic impression. Both signs are very determined. At the same time both signs appear careful and cautious.

Together they have to understand the nature of their motivations, if they want to remain in track.

Both are ambitious and tend to persevere in their work to achieve their goals. If they have projects, both will commit themselves to the end. Capricorn logically lives life, instead of Leo who loves to give a jolt to things and surprises. School of rocks.

Pisces , can you be any more in love than you already are? Beware of making the other your entire world.

Aries: You're Tapping Into Your Inner Child And Having Fun

Virgo , the Universe is in the mood to give and give some more. Speak your truth into existence. You are experiencing inner conflict at the moment. Should you embrace a new way of life or continue to do things in the same manner they have been done? Being aware of this tendency is the first step to transforming it. On the upside, your entrepreneurship skills are especially sharp today.

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If you have been thinking about making an important decision, the time is now, Aries. This is the metaphorical calm after the storm, Taurus. Trust that things will get better from here and the help you require will come to you in many forms. Let go of the need to shoulder all the burden. Allow the team to contribute. Allotting certain tasks to others will help you arrive at the desired destination much faster.

Short-term travel may be on the cards for some. Business or pleasure? Take a look at your relationship with work and money today. Find a balance between the two. Some of you are in the mood to expand your business and adopt new strategies. Get an expert on board!

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  5. Happiness is so fleeting an emotion. What you are experiencing at the moment is something far more profound.

    Astrological Personalities

    The realisation that inner peace is not a myth, and that you only you get to decide where you are vibrating at. Your inner Aphrodite is also awakened at the moment. Awaken self-love through various practices and rituals. Ah, the internal conflict! Should you stick to what you know best or make a conscious effort to reinvent? Air personalities tend to be cool like the wind. People born under the astrological signs of Cancer , Scorpio and Pisces are thought to have dominant Water personalities. Water personalities tend to be emotional, kind, nurturing, sympathetic, empathetic and intuitive; however, they can also be needy, sentimental, over-sensitive and irrational.

    To define compatibility between two signs, Western astrology defines a concept that twelve Western Zodiac signs are related to four different Western element groups:. Aspects that these elements form between each other show the character of the relationship between the two individuals. Major compatibility aspects are: conjunction, trine, sextile, square and opposition. To make up a more precise evaluation of astrological compatibility between particular individuals, stellar signs are not the only ones to take into consideration. Astrological compatibility can be analyzed with the help of the detailed insight on the position of the planets in certain signs and their aspects.

    Interactions formed between the natal charts of the taken individuals are considered as well. These give a more accurate view on how a relationship can be characterized on emotional, sexual or mental levels. Time Genie respects your privacy.